Monday, November 30, 2009


Cake decorating used to be a hobby of mine that turned into a business. I have always loved baking (not cooking) and making things. My sister who is about 4 years younger taught me to crochet when we were in grade school. The funny thing is that we are both left handed, but she crochets with her right and I crochet with my left. We still love crocheting. I tried teaching my daughters (both right-handed),but that didn't turn out so well, although the younger one can do a chain stitch, single and double crochet. I can hand her the item I am working on and say 'please finish the row in double crochet' and she whizzes right through it.

Cake decorating as a business can sometimes get very hectic so to have some down time I decided I was going to crochet. I made myself a pretty granny square afghan a couple months back. I then found a simple crochet hat pattern. I made one for myself, then my daughters each wanted one, then my sister wanted one, then my daughters' friends wanted one. (I'm still working on their hats.) The hat patterns I have (one for a beanie hat and one for a slouchie hate) each take less than two hours to make. So I get instant gratification and unlike my cake creations, gratification lasts long after the item has found a new home.

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