Sunday, September 26, 2010

What do you do on your days off?

I think about baking and new recipes and new cake designs? I huff and puff that I need a couple days off, but when I'm away from the shop what do I do? I look up new recipes, think about baking and decorating and thing about what new cake techniques I can try.

Ever since I made my first pie crust at 14 I've been hooked with baking. My first pie was apple pie. My first cake was a scratch vanilla cake my friend and I made when we cut school and went to her house (her mom was there and took out all the ingredients we needed). What a cool mom! She and I would cut out from school to study for the Regents exam. Yes, goodie two shoes!

I love baking especially in the fall and winter. And that's the time of year I love cooking as well!

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Nirmala said...

You're very talented! I liked the story about cutting school and your friend's mom helping you with ingredients. What a mom!

On my days off, I think about gardening and what to grow. Not enough space and too many ideas.d