Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This was our first bulldog cake! We have another one for the end of the month except it will be sitting up. I think Rob did AWESOME on this cake. His carving skills are definitely there! I never quite get what he's doing when he takes the knife to the cake, but in the end it turns out great!

Of course, we are are own worse critics. For the next one I'd like a little more details on the paws, but all in all GREAT CAKE. Groom's parents were thrilled and asked us why we didn't make the wedding cake?


Jenniffer said...

This is SO cute! I have to do a sculpted GA Bulldog cake soon and I hope it comes out as well as yours!


Once Upon A Cake said...

Thanks Jenniffer!!!! I'm sure your will turn out great. you do beautiful work.