Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes

As most of you know I don't get tired of cake!!!!

I do get tired. Since the car accident last May, it's been non-stop at the shop and my wrist is killing me. I've gone to an orthopedic doctor who has given me cortizone shots, exercides, pain killer. Referred me to physical therapist..that didn't help either. He toldme earlier this week there is nothing more he can do for me and recommended I go to a hand surgeon for a second opinion.

Uh, surgery? I cried. I'm so frustrated. I keep my hand in a splint as much as possible (I'm typing with it now.) The pain has woken me up many nights and there's nothing I can do. Dr. said it would have been better if it had broken. Uh, yeah well it didn't.

Anyway, on a sad not my mind turns to the Cake Girls from Chicago whose shop burned down a couple weeks ago. I'm sure they'll get themselves up and running soon. I have actually done one of theirdesigns for a wedding cake fortoday. Ididn't know whose design it was until I watched a rerun of Amazing Wedding Cakes. I will post it later when I upload pics. I didn't do it justice, but not too shabby!

Cake Is The Happy Ending!

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