Monday, April 18, 2011

Frog Prince

Isn't it cute? I have a special fondness for frog princes. Frogs in general. We had claw frogs as pets which are great, because they are underwater frogs and come up for air every few minutes. Our much loved claw frog was named FROGZILLA. She was adorable and huge!

When I would get sick, my husband would tell me a story about a frog prince (not the original frog prince story, but his own made up story). It always made me feel better.

When thinking of a name for my business, I immediately thought about the frog and how I loved Grimm's Fairytales tales, hence...ONCE UPON A CAKE and my frog prince logo.

Cake IS The Happy Ending!


Maria said...

cakes vs. diaper cakes/cupcakes?
just wanted to share that the baby business loves cakes along with the cakes the diaper cakes are also a huge hit... hope to see them in your shop one day!

Maya said...

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