Sunday, November 9, 2008

Almost there!

Here are a couple of pictures of the bakery. It's been a very LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG process. We signed the lease back in April, but the Dept of Health (bakeries are usually under the Dept of Agriculture, but because we will be offering light lunches, we are under Dept. of Health), nixed the first set of plans. The guy from the Dept. of Health was kind of enough to make a floor plan that would work, but because the second unit we have is free for six months we did not want to be tied to that second unit. Complication due to the location of the bathroom. What you see here is a plan Tracee came up with. The wall creates a hallway leading to the bathroom that prevents clients from going through the kitchen which was the problem with the first set of plans (which we did not come up with). So now its almost mid-November and we are almost done!