Monday, July 11, 2011

Love feedback from my customers!

I love baking cakes, decorating cakes and most of all EATING cakes!

I also like feedback from my customers. We received two thank you cards from brides who loved their cakes and two emails from two other customers.

The cake above was for our bride Ally. There was a bit of drama when the venue we were working with decided to bad mouth us to all the brides we had coming up at their location (ummm, venue doesn't pay then tell brides we have low quality work and are always late lol) I was so bummed out that they did that to us. Well a few of the brides insisted we still do their cake.

That is totally awesome. So to all my customers I say Thank You for all your support, encouragement and feedback.

A special shout out to Chuck who always makes me laugh and to Fred who brings us lunch!