Thursday, October 1, 2009

3rd Annual North Georgia Cake Challenge

This year I was an assistant again. The category was Wedding Cakes but no theme was given. Dawn of decided we sho uld go with a coffee theme. We have met once a week for the past twelve years to play scrabble at Starbucks. (Okay for the first year it was Caribou Coffee.)

Dawn designed a beautiful cake that incorporated chocolate fondant coffee beans made by hand, fondant coffee flowers and berries. We used Starbucks coffee cups as seperators and filled them with real coffee beans then stuck an LED light in each cup where the logo is. She made the bride and groom out of fondant and added the round Starbucks sign on top with lights! We placed 2nd out of five competitors. Not too shabby! Below are the other winners, from 1st place to 5th place.

1 comment:

Robert said...

The Starbuck's cake is wonderful.

Great to see that you are still working your art :)