Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love this weather!

So I really love the fall!!! The cool, crisp air, the leaves changing into those beautiful orange, golds and reds, not to mention all the luscious, round pumpkins! I love it so much my oldest daughter's knickname is Pumpkin. My youngest daughter's middle name is Autumn.

I love pumpkin pie, sweet potatoe pie, even white potato pie! Yes, white potato pie! My friend Deannie makes the best pies.

I absolutely love pumpkin. Yesterday I made Buttnernut Squash Soup, a family favorite. Last week I made Pumpkin cookies. They looked better in the magazine then out of my oven although they tasted good. I also have a great Pumpkin Cake recipe that tastes like Pumpkin Pie.

I wish Autumn would last all year long!

Happy Autumn!

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