Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baking can soothe the soul

With a *hurt* heart (as my girls used to say when they were sad) I write this post. My father died (I hate the term passed away, I don't why) on June 13, 2013. It did not come as a surprise as he had heart problems, but it still gave me a deeply hurt heart. I will always remember the summer days when he would get my sister and me up at 6 am in the morning to go to Coney Island beach. We would have it all to ourselves at that time. He would walk looking for *treasure* in the sand and my sister and I would sit by the edge and wet our feet. By noon time we were heading back home as the beach was getting crowded. To this day I remember the quiet and the calm and the delight of feeling we were on our own private beach. To this day that is the way I like to go to the beach; get there early and leave by 11 or 12 noon, have lunch then take a nap. Thank you daddy for giving me (and now my girls) this love of the ocean with all its wonder and always making us wear sunscreen.
---------------------------------------------------------- I went shopping and founds some organic , fresh dark cherries. I'm not a big cherry pie fan having only had the kind made with canned cherry filling. My son in law loves pie, especially cherry so I decided to make a pie. Big difference!! It was very tasty, slightly tart and oh so delicious. Ten minutes there was only one slice left which I shouted, "Save it for Sym!" (My other son in law). I have to work on my lattice, but this is about taste, not looks....for now. Next pie will be BANANA CREAM!

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