Monday, June 3, 2013

So it's been a while!

It's almost been a year since I posted. My other daughter just got married last month. I've been slowly recovering from an illness. The worst! So much drama in my life in the past few months. My oldest was breaking out in a severe rash and in pain. Many tests later we discover she has Celiac disease! It's very rare that one of the symptoms is a rash, but yes she is the rare one! (Next time listen to mommy who told you for months to lay off gluten) So now I am making gluten free items. Fast forward a few months: not only do I have a dairy allergy but now a gluten allergy as well. Don't get me wrong that doesn't stop me from sampling any new recipes we come up with (like our new flavor Marco's Mango Tango) and I allow myself a cupcake now and then. So with all that how do I chilax? Is that the correct spelling? lol I BAKE!!! Right now I'm heavily into making pies. I'm committed to making one a week. I'll post a picture later of the Chocolate Cream Pie I'm making today. Yes, it has a gluten free crust. My allergy is not as bad as my daughter's or other people I know who even touching it can have a severe reaction. So I count my blessings. Timer's going off! Until next time! Happy Baking PS: so here is the pic of the pie. The picture is dark..sorry! Did not have enough whipping cream to make whip cream to cover the whole pie. The household is rushing me because they want to eat it!

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